// The lightest touring bikes in the world

With Steinbach touring bikes ride in comfort across the wide Alpine paths and past idyllic alpine pastures. Thanks to the relaxed seating position, optimal transmission as well as high quality, low maintenance materials you get to wholly concentrate on the dreamy panoramic views. Take a deep breath and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Our exacting requirements with regard to weight applies to our all-rounder bikes too. That’s why Steinbach produce the lightest touring bike in the world. They are the perfect companions for riding to work, to go shopping in the city or for a multi-day cycling trip on flat terrain. The dependable, upright and relaxed seating position, ensures optimal transfer of power, while top-quality materials and minimal design combined with maximum technology are characteristic features of our touring bikes.

Maximum ride comfort for every tour

We create the perfect bike for you, as per your requirements. For the basic frame style almost all types are available, for instance the Lotron, Talsen or the Windau. Accessories can also be chosen analogous to your personal requirements. Low-maintenance, robust and long-lasting components are ensure carefree riding fun, even on longer tours. In the following you will find a selection of model which are already set-up.