// Bespoke bikes from Kitzbühel

The rider is our specification: their style; their body. The bike is the outcome: geometry, material, equipment. You are the rider, you want a bike. You want the right bike and it all starts with the light frame – as it should do – a frame that fits you like a glove. A frame which exhibits excellent workmanship and quality welding – just what you are looking for. The added extras and great quality components – we use only the best and what is best for your needs. Everything is made for you, to ensure you enjoy a safe ride and that you are in control. The right bike is getting the right combination of the right components. A bike which is built with passion, since you will be riding it with passion. A bike which does not follow fashion, rather, it follows your aspirations. It is superb and has a purpose.

No compromises

We build the lightest bikes in the world by hand; bikes which are individually tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Driven by a passion for nature and for cycling, as well as a curiosity for innovative materials and technologies. Through discussion and analysis we, together with you, develop a bike which is perfect for you. We seek to maximise harmony between a rider and their machine. A bike you can rely on – that is what we are striving for.

Unique, hand-made items

Exclusive and designed specifically with you in mind. A well thought-out, lightweight construction; the highest quality components and precision work by hand. These are the attributes of each and every Steinbach bike. Every bike that leaves us should provide complete satisfaction and meet the needs of the rider without compromise, making want to get out there and ride. After all, cycling is a joy!

The lightest bikes in the world

Steinbach Bikes represent well thought-out lightweight construction. We make no compromises with regard to robustness. These days building light bikes is no longer an art-form. Providing lightweight bikes which are also low-maintenance is where it’s at. This is what we want from our bikes.
We are always on the look-out for innovative solutions and new technologies. The lightest electric and touring bikes are in our portfolio.


Our bikes have been a well-known name in professional circles for years. We develop and test our equipment with top riders, which means our bikes are also out there in the competitive realm, being ridden to victory. Our bikes help you surpass your own limits.

Steinbach Lifestyle

Our products are the embodiment of lifestyle. An exclusive blend of sport and nature, tradition and innovation. Alpine charm meets dynamic cycling technology. Sophisticated premium bikes help us break away from the mundane. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the simplicity of the moment. Whether out on the road, or on the mountain, on holiday, or just day-to-day, an after work evening circuit of the local mountain, a hard day of racing and all the energy that entails, or a week-long trip to one of the most remote regions of the world – having fun being out there on your bike is what should stay with you at the end of every ride. You and your bike.

We offer:

// Exclusive; made-to-measure bikes to suit your needs

// Top class, well thought-out lightweight construction

// The highest quality and precision work by hand

// Bikes which are perfectly tailored to suit your physical requirements

// Bikes which are unique and which boast genuine premium components

// A one-year service guarantee