// The lightest E-Bikes in the world for performance-oriented riders

All you’re missing is a little bit of power for a challenging mountain tour, or a sporty trip. An integrated climb assist feature is helpful and inspired. Inconspicuous and quiet. Extremely light and well thought-out. Steinbach electric bikes are surprising and inspirational.

Consistent lightweight builds are also emphasised in the E-Bike sector. Today we produce the lightest electric bikes on the market. Sub 9kg for road bikes and sub 10kg for mountain bikes – ready-to-ride, properly measured and with sensible equipment.

From the weight, no-one would know on the Kitzhorn or the Talsen that this is an E-Assist bike with an electric motor. These light E-Bikes provide improved ride characteristics; they are no trouble to ride and are easy to transport. Characteristic of the electric drive is its ease of use and inconspicuous, compact design. Intended for performance-oriented riders too, to provide assistance on extreme rides and for group tours, to balance out any differences in performance. The quiet E-Bikes made here in Kitzbühel make climbs easier and give you a thirst for longer tours.

// All our bikes can be equipped with an electric motor.

Here is a selection of the models for sports bikes which have the option of perfectly integrated electric motor support.