26″ Klassik

// 26" Classic

Great at speed and nippy in every bend. Over fast and winding trails. The stable 26-inch wheels fly over the unsurfaced terrain. Dependable lightweight for exciting rides in the mountains and down in the valley.

On request, we also offer 26” classic bikes. Although in the past few years 26-inch tyres have been ousted by their larger counterparts like the 27.5” and the 29”, bikes fans are still leaning towards the classics. They do after all have a few advantages – they are a little bit lighter and more agile than their bigger counterparts. 26” tyres are around 1 kilo lighter, compared to 29” tyres, for the same frame size. Bigger frames, forks, tyres, tubes and the like mean significantly more weight. This is noticeable on the uphills and in acceleration..

Classic bikes are popular for riders who are looking for a nippy bike, when they are out on the speedy, winding trails. With the comparatively high manoeuvrability, the classic 26” bikes are also great for riders who have beginners- level riding skills. Riders who aren’t so tall are well served by a 26-inch bike on account of the low frame height.

// Get in touch with us if you are interested in these bikes.